Why use SXW.js?

Here's why using SXW.js is a good choice for your website.

Open Source

Sxw.js is fully open source and you can inspect the source code in GitHub.

UMD specification

SXW.js follows "Universal Module Definition" to ensure that it works everywhere.


All of the data used in SXW.js are stored in config variables making it easier to customize.

Prevention is better than cure

Warn your users about the potential dangers behind running unknown code in the browser console. Stop Self-XSS attacks before they happen. Prevent malicious persons from accessing user data.

Know your attackers

Use SXW.js to educate users about reporting Self-XSS attacks. Make use of the custom messages config to display your support email or reporting website and obtain info on attackers.

Framework agnostic. Your front-end setup, your choice.

SXW.js has zero dependencies and uses vanilla JavaScript for a few functions with a minimal footprint. You can use React, Angular, Vue, jQuery or whatever you prefer.

Learn more

See the documentation to know more about the library and how to use it.

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